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Company / Employee Handbook

Company / Employee Handbook

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✅ Full compliance to UK Employment Laws guaranteed

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Fully comprehensive fully customisable Company Handbook / Employee Handbook template

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Company / Employee Handbook

A company/employee handbook can be essential for creating a positive workplace culture and building employee loyalty, but they’re not easy to write! That is why we offer a fully customisable, comprehensive handbook template that contains all of the key areas that are important to inform a new employee into your business about 

Where a rule or practice may not in itself seem to fit within existing policies and procedures, but is important to the company, then detailing this within a Company/Employee Handbook allows you to manage employees in line with your expectations and demonstrate to an employment tribunal that the practice is in fact a company policy

In a recent case, an employee who trained for an alternative career whilst on paid sick leave was fairly dismissed, despite the company having no specific policy relating to this, due to a well worded rule detailed in the Company Handbook

The Tribunal ultimately decided that the dismissal of the employee was fair because the wording of the relevant part of the Company Handbook was clear, stating that “The facts are not in dispute, it is clear that the Claimant was in breach of the Respondent's policy and once the whole circumstances surrounding, and reasons for, his dismissal are taken into account, the only conclusion that could be reached by a reasonable Employment Tribunal is that the dismissal was a fair one.”

If your business has grown and evolved since first implementing an employee/company handbook it is likely the information it contains needs reviewing and updating too. It is important that the information contained in a handbook accurately reflects the actual policies and procedures in the company both to protect your business from tribunal claims, and so that new employees see a coherent and reliable source of information they can rely on 

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