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Appraisal Pack

Appraisal Pack

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✅ Full compliance to UK Employment Laws guaranteed

✅ Expertly written by Employment Law specialists (MSc HRM & CIPD Level 7 MCIPD)

✅ Easy to read and understand - no "legalese"

✅ No monthly fees, just buy and use

 Appraisal Policy 


 Appraisal form 

 Development Plan 

 Self-Assessment form 

 Appraisal Meeting Invite letter

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There is consensus that performance appraisals do have a positive impact on a wide range of areas such as individual and company performance, productivity, behaviour, engagement and commitment. Providing constructive feedback to employees regarding their performance enhances productivity and provides an opportunity to effectively assess whether an employee performing well in their role by assessing and benchmarking their capability, skills, performance, knowledge, punctuality, attendance and general behaviour. An effective appraisal procedure provides greater opportunities to develop and enhance an employee’s skills and capabilities, deliver the company objectives more efficiently, drive engagement through positive behaviours, increase profitability and employee retention, and minimise risks or losses that can be caused by incompetence and poor productivity

This pack will provide you with all of the essential tools that you need to ensure that every employee in your business is treated equally and that issues are addressed fairly and reasonably to ensure that your actions comply with current employment law

Why is this important?

Managing performance can have a detrimental impact on the relationship between employees and the company if not performed professionally, leading to reduced performance and engagement, and potentially costly tribunal claims

A recent successful tribunal claim resulted in an NHS administrator being awarded £15,039 after her employer unfairly dismissed her for repeated administrative errors she made as a result of developing cataracts. The tribunal found that the administrator had been unfairly dismissed because the company repeatedly set “unrealistic targets” for performance improvements despite her health condition

Appraisal reviews have benefits for the employee, their line manager, and the company by providing a much longer term plan for development and succession planning than day to day performance management processes (that are more concerned with improving and maintaining performance in the role at that time, or shorter term objectives) 

It is important that appraisals lead to constructive conversations about performance and development, as part of the company’s regular performance management process (further details on this can be found in the Performance Management Pack)