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Supplementary HR Packs Bundle

Supplementary HR Packs Bundle

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What's included?

Flexible Working Pack

Probation Pack 

Appraisal Pack 

Menopause Pack

Redundancy Pack

Mental Health and Wellbeing Pack

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Supplementary HR Packs Bundle

Here you can buy all of the Supplementary HR Packs in one go saving you £525

You will get every every Supplementary HR Pack, ensuring that you not only have all of the HR policies that your business needs to ensure a well managed, winning business with a happy, productive team but also all of the tools that you need to correctly and effectively implement the policies - forms, process flows, letters, templates, fact sheets - the whole kit and caboodle!

You will get:

Flexible Working Pack - Flexible Working Policy;  Factsheet; Note Taking Template Form;  Flexible Working Request Form;  Flexible Working Request Meeting Letter;  Flexible Working Request Decision;  Flexible Working Request Appeal Acknowledgement Letter;  Flexible Working Request Appeal Meeting Letter;  Flexible Working Request Appeal Decision Letter;  Flexible Working Request Trial Period Form

Probation Pack - Probation Policy;  Factsheet;  Note Taking Template form; Probation Review Form; Formal Probation Review Invite letter;  Formal Probation Review Decision letter; Probation Review Appeal Acknowledgement letter; Probation Review Appeal Hearing Invite letter;  Probation Review Appeal Decision letter 

Appraisal Pack - Appraisal Policy;  Factsheet;  Appraisal form;  Development Plan;  Self-Assessment form;  Appraisal Meeting Invite letter

Menopause Pack - Menopause Policy; Factsheet;  Risk Assessment form; Example Menopause Risk Assessment form;  Record of Conversation

Mental Health and Wellbeing Pack - Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy; Overview; Factsheet; Wellbeing Support Actions form; Mental Health & Wellbeing Health Check survey

Redundancy Pack - Redundancy Policy;  Factsheet; Note Taking Template Form;  Redundancy Announcement Template;   Confirmation of Redundancy Announcement Letter; Redundancy Consultation Meeting Invite Letter; Selection Matrix ; Final Redundancy Meeting Invite Letter;  Redundancy Dismissal Letter;  Redundancy Appeal Acknowledgement Letter;  Redundancy Appeal Meeting Invite Letter;  Redundancy Appeal Decision Letter