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Menopause Pack

Menopause Pack

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✅ Full compliance to UK Employment Laws guaranteed

✅ Expertly written by Employment Law specialists (MSc HRM & CIPD Level 7 MCIPD)

✅ Easy to read and understand - no "legalese"

✅ No monthly fees, just buy and use

✅ Menopause Policy 

✅ Factsheet 

✅ Risk Assessment form 

✅ Example Menopause Risk Assessment form 

✅ Record of Conversation form

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Menopause Pack

Understanding the impact and implications of the menopause for colleagues and the company is essential in providing the highest level of employee wellbeing and performance 

This pack will provide you with all of the essential knowledge and tools that you need to ensure that you provide a workplace where employees suffering from menopausal symptoms feel supported, and that your actions comply with current UK law

Why is this important?

Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce, and a quarter of these will experience debilitating symptoms resulting in many having to resign from their positions. This means that experienced middle-aged women, who are likely to have high levels of knowledge, skills, and commitment to the company are leaving

There is also an implied term in all contracts of employment that an employer must take reasonable steps to ensure they provide a safe working environment for all employees, this includes identifying groups who might be particularly at risk, including colleagues with menopausal symptoms. If a company fails to uphold its responsibility then it may receive claims from employees (such as constructive unfair dismissal or personal injury) or be prosecuted in both civil and criminal courts

As the menopause affects women and people who have gone through (or are in the process of going through) gender reassignment, can have long term debilitating effects, and generally affects people at an average age of 51 years, then any action that the company takes that puts a colleague with menopausal symptoms at a disadvantage could result in tribunal claims for discrimination on the grounds of age, sex, disability or gender reassignment

A recent tribunal case resulted in a company being ordered to pay an employee £28,000 for loss of earnings and injury to feelings for a successful claim of age and sex discrimination. The tribunal found that the employee had been subjected to humiliating and embarrassing comments in front of her colleagues when her line manager described her as a ‘dinosaur’ and suggesting she looked for work elsewhere because of the impact of her menopausal symptoms at work

The tribunal judge stated “I had absolutely no doubt that in this case the respondent was guilty of harassing the claimant. It was quite clear from the claimant’s evidence that she felt he had created a hostile environment for her and that this was related to her status as a woman going through the menopause. I consider this to amount to unlawful harassment on grounds of age and sex.” 

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