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Essential HR Packs Bundle

Essential HR Packs Bundle

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✅ Full compliance to UK Employment Laws guaranteed

✅ Expertly written by Employment Law specialists (MSc HRM & CIPD Level 7 MCIPD)

✅ Easy to read and understand - no "legalese"

✅ No monthly fees, just buy and use

 Disciplinary Pack

 Absence Management Pack

 Grievance Pack

 Performance Management Pack

 Recruitment Pack

 Bullying and Harassment Pack

 Health and Safety Pack

 Holiday and leave Pack

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Essential HR Packs Bundle

Here you can buy all of the Essential HR Packs in one go saving you £1065!

You will get every every Essential HR Pack, ensuring that you not only have all of the HR policies that your business needs to ensure compliance with HR laws and regulations, but also all of the tools that you need to correctly and effectively implement the policies - forms, process flows, letters, templates, fact sheets - the whole kit and caboodle!

You will get:

Disciplinary Pack - Disciplinary Policy;  Factsheet; Investigation Checklist; Disciplinary Checklist; Appeal Checklist;  Record of Conversation form; Note Taking Template form;  Paid Suspension Form;  Disciplinary Hearing Invite letter;  Gross Misconduct Disciplinary Hearing Invite letter;  Disciplinary Hearing Sanction letter; Disciplinary Dismissal letter;  Appeal Acknowledgement letter;  Appeal Hearing Invite letter;  Appeal Decision letter 

Absence Management Pack - Absence Management Policy; Factsheet;  Absence & Lateness Log;  Return to Work form; Unauthorised Absence letter;  Letter to Employee’s Doctor

Grievance Pack - Grievance Policy; Factsheet;  Grievance Investigation Checklist;  Note Taking Template form;  Mediation Meeting form;  Informal Grievance Process flowchart;  Formal Grievance Process flowchart;  Grievance Acknowledgement letter; Invite to Grievance Investigation Meeting letter;  Grievance Decision letter;  Grievance Appeal Acknowledgement letter; Grievance Appeal Hearing Invite letter;  Grievance Appeal Decision letter

Performance Management Pack - Performance Management Policy;  Factsheet; Performance Management Process flowchart; Development Plan

Recruitment Pack - Recruitment Policy; Factsheet; Interview ratings form; Job advert template; Job description template;  New employee details form; New employee health details form; New employee induction form; Telephone interview ratings form

Bullying and Harassment Pack - Bullying & Harassment Policy;  Factsheet;  Record of Conversation form; Mediation Meeting form;  Bullying & Harassment Process flowchart

Health and Safety Pack - Health & Safety Policy; Factsheet; Risk Assessment Form;  Example Risk Assessment Form; Safety Review Form;  Statement of Intent;  Accident Book; Health & Safety Consultation Form

Holiday and Statutory Leave Pack - Holiday & Statutory Leave Policy; Factsheet; Holiday Request Booking Form;  Parental Leave Postponement Letter;  Pregnancy Acknowledgement Letter;  Shared Parental Leave Booking Letter; Refusal of Discontinuous Shared Parental Leave Booking Letter