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Disciplinary Pack

Disciplinary Pack

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✅ Full compliance to UK Employment Laws guaranteed

✅ Expertly written by Employment Law specialists (MSc HRM & CIPD Level 7 MCIPD)

✅ Easy to read and understand - no "legalese"

✅ No monthly fees, just buy and use

✅ Disciplinary Policy 

✅ Factsheet 

✅ Investigation Checklist 

✅ Disciplinary Checklist 

✅ Appeal Checklist 

✅ Record of Conversation form 

✅ Note Taking Template form 

✅ Paid Suspension Form 

✅ Disciplinary Hearing Invite letter 

✅ Gross Misconduct Disciplinary Hearing Invite letter 

✅ Disciplinary Hearing Sanction letter 

✅ Disciplinary Dismissal letter 

✅ Appeal Acknowledgement letter 

✅ Appeal Hearing Invite letter 

✅ Appeal Decision letter 

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Disciplinary procedures are essential for resolving workplace disputes and ensuring your employees understand exactly what is required of them regarding their conduct, performance, attendance and day to day interactions with other colleagues. They can also help to avoid costly and time-consuming tribunal cases

This pack will provide you with all of the essential tools that you need to ensure that every employee in your business is treated equally and that issues are addressed fairly and reasonably to ensure that your actions comply with current employment law

Why is this important?

There were 117,926 Employment Tribunal claims in 2021 (an increase of 13.42% from 2020)

Unfair dismissal and discrimination were the most common complaints, with 85% of claims found or settled in favour of the claimant

Legal costs to defend a straightforward tribunal claim are on average £9,000 plus the time taken away from the business for the defendant/company owners. Complex cases that include discrimination allegations increase those legal fees to an average of £24,000

The current maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal is £93,878 (with the minimum award for some types of unfair dismissals set at £6,959) PLUS a basic award of up to £17,130

Compensation for a successful discrimination claim (which could be brought pre, during, or up to 3 months post-employment) is unlimited, one example being an award of £265,719 in a successful disability discrimination claim in 2021

This pack will ensure that your company operates robust disciplinary processes to provide maximum efficiency and engagement from your team whilst addressing any issues in a fair, reasonable and consistent manner

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