Recruitment HR Case Study

Recruitment HR Case Study

Recruitment HR Case Study

Recent CIPD research has found that 20% of the current UK working population state they intend to resign from their current position and look for alternative employment in the next year. This equates to 1 in 5 employees (over 6.5 million people) actively looking for a new role in the next 12 months

The survey found that:

  • 35% of respondents cited better pay and benefits as the motivation to change jobs
  • 27% stated they wanted to increase their job satisfaction
  • 24% wanted a better work-life balance
  • 23% were bored in their current role and wanted to do a different type of work
  • 39% of people earning £20,000 a year or less stated their job offered good development opportunities
  • 25% stated their job offered good career advancement opportunities

The research report indicated that employers focused more on improving senior roles (rather than entry level roles, or less favourable technical roles) and that pay was often seen as the only tool firms could utilise to retain good people. In reality, looking at job design, flexibility in the role, prioritising mental health & wellbeing, and performance management and development are all key to creating a working environment likely to motivate and engage employees

The ultimate conclusion of the report is that employers should re-evaluate their people strategy to improve motivation and job satisfaction, finding that where employees feel valued and believe that their employer wants to invest in their wellbeing and development they are far less likely to ‘jump ship’ for short term financial gain

This ‘seismic shift’ in the labour market presents both challenges and opportunities for your business. If you are fully staffed with a highly motivated and productive team that are performing well, then now is the time to review your company policies and procedures in order to give you the best opportunity to retain key talent (and identify any areas that you may need to introduce new procedures into)

It is also the perfect time to review and evaluate your recruitment process in order to ensure that you have a robust and effective procedure in place to take advantage of the predicted glut of new talent, skills, and experience about to enter the job market that you may want to attract

“Are your job advertisements putting off potential recruits?”

Chatter Communications (an employee brand agency) recently surveyed a wide range of job adverts on the websites of various FTSE 100 companies and found the following:

  • Only 5% of job adverts were written in a gender-neutral way. Job adverts cannot be discriminatory based on sex, but the way in which they are written can attract or repel different genders. The survey cites examples of more female gendered words (‘compassion, cooperate, warm, loyal and pleasant’) and more male gendered words (‘adventurous, ambitious, assertive and driven’) used in adverts for different types of roles across all companies surveyed
  • 67% of job adverts for customer service roles were written in strongly feminine terms, whereas jobs in technology, science and product development used more masculine terms. Such obvious bias could prevent the best applicants applying
  • The report also cites the importance of ‘readability’ in relation to job adverts. The survey found that over 50% of the job adverts analysed were difficult to read. Research indicates that the average reading age of UK adults is between 9 and 11 years. If complex language and terminology are used in your job adverts then it may put suitable applicants off applying
  • Job adverts should be tailored to suit the kind of job (and expected applicant pool) that is being recruited for - an advert for a management position should be very different to that of an entry level position – in order to recruit the right person, in the right role, at the right time

This highlights the importance of having an effective recruitment policy and procedure that is fit for purpose, and will enable you to recruit and retain the best talent available for your business

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